Best Female Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi for women

Hair fall is more common amongst women than in men. Maintaining long hair is a big chore. Women have to do a lot of stuff to make sure that their hair remains silky, shiny, and thick. Long hairs require more care and nourishment and sometimes shampoos and conditioners are simply not enough to keep them intact. Sometimes shampoos may work for some women but not every woman is that fortunate and seeing hair fall in long hairs is very depressing because it takes such a long time to grow so they need special treatment for their hairs. Common causes for hair fall
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Hormonal issues like Thyroid PCOD
  • Genetic issues like Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Recent illnesses like Viral fever, thyroid, malaria
  • Post pregnancy
  • Intake of drugs such as Anti-cancer drugs, Steroids, and Antithyroid drugs
  Best Female Hair Transplant Doctors in Delhi A dermatologist is the best person to consult with respect to hair and Cosmetica India has the Best Female Hair Transplant Doctors in Delhi. When you come to us, we would get investigations done to roll out some underlying nutritional causes or some hormonal issues. After a thorough workup, we’ll put you on some oral medication such as nutritional supplements, topical applications such as peptides or minoxidil depending on your history. We could also consider some treatments like platelet-rich plasma, mesotherapy, and derma roll. What is platelet-rich plasma therapy? Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy also known as PRP is the most effective treatment method for hair loss. It is a revolutionary advanced technique for treating hair loss and is excellent for treating patent baldness and genetic baldness. This treatment method induces the natural growth of hair and it is a Non-surgical technique to restore hair. In this technique, a little amount of the patient’s blood is drawn and processed in special PRP kits to obtain plasma which is concentrated with platelets. These platelets have a high concentration of various growth factors and these growth factors stimulate the growth of shrinking hairs and also stimulate testing hair follicles. This obtained Platelet-rich plasma is then injected back into the patient’s scalp and thus PRP is complete. You can think of this Platelet-rich plasma as a fertilizer that stimulates hair growth and volume. It stimulates the dormant hair cells to grow and suppresses hair fall by increasing blood circulation. Best Female Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi This blog is brought to you by Cosmetica India. Cosmetica India is the Best Female Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi. If you are suffering from hair loss then visit Cosmetica India because in this clinic we support our patients to reach their goals. You can go for medication and you are also open to explore these advanced hair fall treatment techniques.

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