Fue Hair Transplant In Delhi

The process of hair transplantation involves harvesting permanent hair-bearing skin from the donor area by using special equipment and directly removing individual follicular units. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) & FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) are the two most popular methods under practice.

Cost Of A Hair Transplant In Delhi

Scalp expansion, condition, facility, and geographic location are a few of the factors that will determine the Fue Hair Transplant Cost. Cosmetica India ranks among the best hair transplant facilities in Delhi. Our procedures are cost-effective and affordable so you don’t have to worry about hair transplant costs.

At Cosmetica India, we have a team of dedicated and experienced hair transplant surgeons, who strive to offer unbeatable services within your budget. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Moreover, the estimation of Fue Hair Transplant in Delhi will depend on a few of the deciding factors like frequency of hair fall, geographic location, the reputation of the specialist, etc.

What Should You Do Before A FUE Hair Transplant?

It is a hectic job to choose the most ideal hair transplant clinic nearby your location. Before you make any decision, be sure that the clinic has all the facilities that you require for the treatment along with the surgeon’s qualification, and legal & experience certificates. A few other requirements include the cost of the transplant, trained and qualified staff, availability of essential and necessary equipment, etc.

After A FUE Hair Transplant, What Can You Expect?

As we undertake less invasive procedures, the recovery is quite quick. However, after the transplant, the patient might feel numbness, pain, and swelling around the scalp region for 3-5 days. Your healthcare provider will assign you the necessary medications, including anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics, as per the level of difficulty that you would be facing. Your surgeon might ask you to –

  1. – Avoid washing your hair, 2-3 days after the treatment
  2. – Avoid energy-driven work, like lifting weights for at least a week or two.
  3. – Avoid brushing the treatment area for a minimum of three weeks.
  4. – Use natural hair products with added minerals.

FUE hair treatment in Delhi is followed by zero or minimal side effects. However, upon the completion of the surgery, you need to take extra precautionary steps for quicker recovery.

FUE Hair Transplant Benefits

There are multiple benefits of Fue Hair Transplant In Delhi. A few of those are mentioned below.

  1. – It is less invasive in comparison with FUT hair transplants.
  2. – It involves local anesthesia for quicker recovery from the numbness.
  3. – There is no scar evidence left on the treatment site.
  4. – Helps in hair density retention as it involves the removal of very few hair follicles.
  5. – Hair follicles can be collected from multiple donor sites.
  6. – Quicker recovery time as it ensures consistent hair growth from the transplanted site.
  7. – Gives an even look throughout the head portion and prevents the appearance of tufts of hair.

Why Choose Cosmetica India For Fue Hair Transplant?

The best part about Fue Hair Transplant in Delhi is that it produces natural-looking hair after the treatment is done. The process has been kept natural and the results so obtained are undetectable. Each of the procedures is carried out under the guidance and speculations of experts so you don’t have to worry about the after results. Once the surgery gets over, we will conduct routine check-ups and track your progress. You don’t even have to worry about Fue Hair Transplant Cost as we have kept it as nominal as possible. Contact us today and get a free consultation.


Like our health and skin, most of us tend to take our hair for granted too, that is until it is gone. By the time we start taking care of our locks, it is usually too late for medicines or other mild treatments to work. At this stage, for many people, a hair transplant (HT) can help bring back the glory of the crown by giving a fuller denser head of hair. HT is a type of surgery where a hair follicle from one part of body is transplanted to another part. For a successful transplant, the method of follicular extraction from the donor site is of utmost importance. At Cosmetica we use the latest and the most successful method that is follicular unit extraction and the team here is extremely experienced in performing all the vital steps of the surgery. FUE promises higher chances of graft survival and hence better results. It also has a quicker patient recovery time and significantly lower post-operative discomfort. We suggest you take a consultation with our HT surgeon to know more about  Mustache Transplant.


Before the surgery, the doctors conduct several tests to ensure that the patient is fit for the surgery. The surgeon will also examine the area of donor far transplant. The patient is also advised to follow certain pre-operative instructions to avoid any complications in the surgery. The whole surgery may take upto 5 or more hours. After the surgery the patient will need to take regular medication to alleviate any issues like pain and swelling. Further medicines are also prescribed to improve hair growth & stop future hair loss

Advantages of Hair Restoration Surgery

Here are the benefits that a patient can expect after a hair restoration surgery:

✓ Improved Appearance
✓ Improved Self-Esteem
✓ Reduction in Hair loss
✓ Maintenance Cost cut-off.