Ageing, multiple childbirths, interventional vaginal delivery etc. can all cause the vagina to become lax and lose which is a major functional and cosmetic concerns in ladies, especially in the middle age. In addition, hypertrophy of labia minora, excessive pigmentation and darkening, and atrophied and wrinkled Majora can also occur due to ageing and be a cause of concern. Cosmetic gynaecology deals with all this and more in the safest way possible. Cosmetica has many non-invasive FDA approved treatments for such cosmetic concerns. For brightening, we use dermatologically approved combination peels which can brighten and re-texturize the skin in that area without any side effects. For vaginal tightening, Cosmetica uses non-invasive C02 laser and HIFU which are machine-based procedures. Another popular procedure for beautifying external genitalia is permanent Laser hair reduction. Finally, fillers and Botulinum are used for augmenting and contouring the vaginal lips. A person may not require all the procedures at once. Therefore it is advisable that you take a detailed consultation and examination with our doctor. Like any other cosmetica procedure, this treatment is also very safe and with minimal pain. You can resume your routine activities almost immediately. Once the session is over details about the aftercare will be explained.

Loss of volume in the outer vaginal lips (labia majora) is a common issue in women as they age especially after childbirth, menopause, and extreme weight loss. There are several options for regaining the volume to the labia majora viz injection of fillers. They can give up to 9 to 24 months of correction.