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It is said and believed “Eyes are the window to one’s soul” Well! In that case, it becomes even more important to take care of our eyes and the skin around the eyes. But, how do we do it? Concealer? Eye creams? Folks! A little concealer truly does the trick but doesn’t solve the issue once and for all. Eye creams also do their task but are not a full-time remedy. So what does one do? And, what if one has an issue that doesn’t seem fixable at all? Well! Stay put! Because Cosmetica India – A leading Cosmetology and Trichology brand is all set to serve all your concerns under one roof!

Cosmetica India is a revolutionary name in both Cosmetology and Trichology fraternities for their impeccable service and finesse. The brand aims to utilize a holistic approach to restore and enhance appearance. Along with a wide array of services like hair transplant, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology treatment, it also offers comprehensive surgical and non-surgical treatments for skin around the eyes, eye brows, eyelashes and so much more. The brand understands that If there’s one area on your face that needs extra attention with targeted care, it’s your eyes. Sleepless nights, sun exposure, ageing, collagen loss, genetic effects, too many glasses of wine,  and a whole array of other reasons often mark eyes a troublesome area and Cosmetica actively caters to all concerns related to it, helping you look more youthful.

Cosmetica India Offers The Following Treatments:

  1. Get Rid Of Under Eye Hollow / Tear Trough By – Dermal Fillers
  2. Say Goodbye To Dark Eyelids Through – Peeling
  3. No More Saggy/Hooded Eyelids – Corrected By Blepharoplasty
  4. Frown Lines – Corrected By Botox
  5. Wrinkles On Eye Lid – Corrected By Chemical Peels, Botox, Fillers And Thermage RF Therapy
  6. Enhance And Volumanzie Eye Lashes – By Permanent Lashes Placement
  7. Say Goodbye To Thin Eye brows And Clumsy Eye brow Pencils – Permanent Eye brow Treatment By Microblading, Tinting And Lamination
  8. Crows Feet– Permanently Corrected By Botox
  9. Permanent Eye Liner
  10.  Eye Bags On Lower Eye – Corrected By Blepharoplasty

All these treatments are performed by cosmetic surgery specialists and cosmetic dermatology specialists, who are truly the connoisseur of these procedures and use world-class medically proven technologies. So, if you’re somebody who has been waiting to get rid of any of the above-mentioned concerns, look no more, because, Cosmetica India ensures an unparalleled experience.


  1. With Cosmetica India, #Be a part of the beauty revolution!

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