Let’s just accept that we all have secretly desired the perfect lip pout which celebrities so unapologetically flaunt in their selfies!!! Another key element that determines the overall look of our face is a beautiful sharp nose. Thanks to cosmetica getting that perfect pout and the long sharp nose is easier than ever. We bring to you the most sought after beauty treatments of celebrities: Non- surgical lip and nose correction! The treatment is actually a varying combination of filler injections, Botulinum Injections, dermal threads, and chemical peels. Your lip and nose designing start with the assessment of your face, its features, and relative proportions. After the assessment, we apply numbing cream on the face for 45-60 minutes to make the procedure painless. The treatment, once it starts, can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes. Results can be seen immediately after the procedure and will last for 10-12 months. The procedure is so quick and safe that in the west it is popularly known as ‘lunch break procedure’. Some precautions are advised after the procedure like avoiding prolonged sun exposure, massaging on the face, heavy exercise, consumption of blood thinners, etc.


The nose occupies a central position in the face and thereby lends a great deal to overall facial beauty and a pleasing look. A straight and symmetrical nose adds more attractiveness to one’s personality, while a crooked and deformed nose detracts from it.

Nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty encompasses a variety of surgeries designed to correct deformities and intensify nasal proportions. The rhinoplasty surgery helps to correct the bump of the bridge (dorsal hump), nasal width, twisted nose, prominent nasal tip, nasal tip, post-traumatic deformities (nasal injury), and internal valve collapse.