Just like designing your smile, it is not so difficult to design your whole face with the modern treatments available which come without any side effects and downtime. It is no longer difficult to get a sharp chiseled jawline, high cheekbones, perfectly arched eyebrows or a perfectly contoured forehead, or an aptly projecting chin that you have always longed for! You can get all this without losing the individuality of your face and without going under the knife with procedures like HIFU, fillers, botulinum, and threads. Popular procedures in facial contouring are:? Cheek augmentation and lifting? Sharp and straight jawline? Chin augmentation? Temple filling? Uplifting the drooping corners of the mouth? Uplifting eyebrows? Forehead contouring? Tear trough and under-eye hollow correction. All the procedures mentioned above can be used in various combinations to augment or undermine specific features of your face. For example on one hand Botox can be used for uplifting the eyebrows and on the other hand it can be used to decrease the bulk of some facial muscles to give you a slimmer-looking face. Similarly, fillers can not only give you high cheekbones but also a pointy chin. Leave it to the experts to figure out how it will be done. Your only job is to tell us what is to be done and it will be done with the utmost precision and dedication. Cosmetica medical team will follow up with you till you are fully satisfied with the results. We will also guide you about how to take care of yourself post-procedure so that your results last longer.


The nose is a prominent facial feature that adds beauty to a person’s face. Sometimes though the nose may not be perfectly shaped to give the person confidence. At Cosmetica India Delhi we have the solution for a minimally invasive Nose Reshaping.

Our Nose Reshaping procedure involves the use of Dermal Fillers to give the nose the right shape at the nostrils or the bridge. Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected under the skin to give volume to the nose of the patient. They make the injected area appear naturally full, smooth, and plump.

Filler based Nose Reshaping is also called Non-surgical Rhinoplasty or Liquid Rhinoplasty and is popular because of its non-invasive nature. Generally, Hyaluronic acid is used as a filler because it is produced by the human body on a regular basis and therefore the body easily accepts it too.

The best part is no downtime at all! Nose Reshaping can be done in one session and you are free to get back to your normal routine immediately.


A strong chin streamlines the lower face, while angular cheeks are considered a mark of beauty. But what if you have sagging cheeks and a chin that has lost its original shape? These problems can now be solved without you having to undergo surgery. 

Our Dermal Fillers based Cheek and Chin augmentation can give your face a supermodel like a look in no time. The fillers are injected beneath the skin in the targeted areas using a microcannula. Once the filler substance has been injected, it plumps up the cheeks from beneath and also fills out wrinkles simultaneously. When injected underneath the chin, it restores lost volume and makes the chin smooth and youthful. 

At Cosmetica India Delhi, we use US FDA-approved Dermal Fillers which are made out of natural substances like Hyaluronic acid which easily integrate with the body and give the chin and cheeks a natural, smooth appearance. This type of treatment has no downtime and can be combined with a Botulinum treatment for better results.