Master Class in Aesthetic Gynecology

✧ Non -Surgical Treatments

• Dermal fillers in Vaginal Rejuvenetation: Hydration, Labia Majora Augmentation.

• Dermal fillers in breast Augmentation

• Mono thread and coggs thread application in breast and vaginal area

• Chemical peels uses in intimate areas

• Stretch marks correction in lower abdomen area

• Video: Correction of Labia Majora deflation, introitus Hydration? Is it too much?

• BOTOX for Vaginismus Lecture / video

• Radia Frequency for Vaginal Rejuvention – Lecture and Video (Thermiva)

• Vulvar and Anal Pigmentation Bleaching – Video

• R.P In Vaginal And Vulvar Rejuvenation (O Shot)

• Carboxytherapy: Indication in Aesthetic Gynecology

• The Latest in Mesotherapy and Micro Needling in Vulvar Vaginal rejuvenation Aesthetic Gynecology.

• LED: the latest non-invasive treatment in Vulvo-Vaginal rejuvenation, Comparison of machines available in the market.

• Laser for Vaginal Rejuvenation and Vulvar by Co2 Laser – Femilift

• How to introduce the Non-Surgical Aesthetic Gynecology  treatments to your practice – Panel discussion

• G Spot Augmentation techniques and Potential Complications

• Office Anesthesia Protocols:

• Local Anesthesia Injections

• Mechanism, advantage and disadvantage of local anesthesia

•Patient Hands-on training


Aesthetic Gynecology procedures- Fast growing market, new demand from patients

Influence of gynecology defects on quality of life

Endocrinology and sexual problems related to genitals

Review of anatomy of women’s intima area

Relationship between gynecologic aesthetic appearance & surroundings areas