There’s no denying that Beard is making a come as a personal fashion and style statement these days and that many men desire a fuller and well-shaped beard and mustache area as part of their grooming. Sometimes the beard and mustache area may be sparse, patchy, uneven or hard to grow owing to genetics or external factors like medicines, trauma, and surgery scars, etc. But one can still achieve a thicker facial hair profile with Cosmetica’s Facial HT. Facial hair transplant is a practice within the hair transplant field that deals with restoring facial hair especially in areas like beard and mustache but also in eyebrows etc. Although the procedure is pretty much the same as HT, it requires a much more experienced and steady hand to give results that look and feel natural. The expected side effects, complications, and aftercare are also the same as HT which are none to minimal. We suggest you take a consultation with our HT surgeon to know more about Fue Hair Transplant.

Mustache Transplant In Delhi

Under the technique of mustache transplantation, hair is taken from the back portion of the patient’s head. This transplantation procedure is highly critical and should only be performed by experts or else there will be facial scars left out of the blue. Once the transplantation turns out to be successful, the hairs will start to fall after three weeks, don’t worry this is normal, in that place new mustache hairs will start to emerge after 4 to 6 months. It is advised not to shave for the first 14 days after treatment, but you can use scissors to shorten them.

How Does A Mustache Transplant Work?


Compared to traditional processes, mustache transplantation is quite challenging. For a high-quality Mustache Transplant in Delhi, Cosmetica India uses robotic and automatic techniques, this is to bring out the perfect mustache hair transplantation. The process will include local anaesthesia that will last up to 4 to 5 hours. Then a few punches will be made for the grafts and then the donor hairs will be transplanted into it. You may be able to witness a few leftover scars that will get healed soon. After 2 weeks, new hairs will emerge.  

Cost Of Mustache Transplant In Delhi –

The cost of a Mustache transplant in Delhi will depend on the number of grafts you require. A well-established mustache will have hairs between 500 and 650. Your treatment cost will depend on the required graft type. The charges vary from clinic to clinic. It can range from anywhere between Rs.25,000 and goes up to Rs.2,85,000/-. Our prices are reasonable and a common man can afford them. 

Benefits Of Mustache Transplant –

There are numerous potential benefits of mustache transplant in Delhi. One of the most prominent and popular benefits of mustache transplant is that it covers the scars on the chin. This boosts self-confidence and helps those who hesitate to represent themselves before a lady/woman. The success rate is also high and patients generally recommend this to their friends and family. If good looks are your priority then mustache transplant could be a genuine way to enhance your personality. 

Why Choose Cosmetica India For Mustache Transplant –

Cosmetica India is a leader in advanced mustache hair restoration treatments. It’s been a decade since we are in service and to date, we have earned massive popularity across the country and have emerged as one of the most potential clinics for mustache transplants in Delhi.

 Over the years we have pioneered innovation and delivered the most effective mustache transplant procedures that can be completed in less than 5 hours. With the emergence of technology, we are regularly updating ourselves so that patients would be able to derive the best of available benefits. 

Instead of the traditional method of hair transplantation, we use direct hair implantation which is performed only by certified and trained surgeons of Cosmetica India. Our entire staff hold an experience of a minimum of 5 years. We use advanced devices and single-use titanium quoted instruments to ensure a smooth and satisfying conclusion to the treatments.

Cosmetica India is a renowned name across industries, be it FMCG, sports, Bollywood, pharmaceuticals, etc. We have performed our procedure on famous Indian and International celebrities too.

For more information regarding our Mustache Transplant service in Delhi, please contact us at We will be happy to bring back your “Pride Mustache.”