Best stem cell therapy doctor in Delhi for Aging cure

Introduction to stem cells Stem cells are the body’s raw materials — cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. Stem cell holds a lot of responses both positive and negative.Very few people know that it was originated in the 1800s. The very first bone marrow transplant happened in the year 1968 and after that stem cell has subsequently been used in various diseases, such as blood cancer, chronic neurological disorders, and autoimmune disorders. Importance of stem cell therapy in Dermatology If cells are inserted into the tissues without matrix support they often die therefore the delivery of cells within a matrix is key to many emerging therapeutic strategies. Today the repair of defects in the contour of the skin remains a challenge for surgeons. Fat-derived stem cells are increasingly implanted under the skin in an attempt to correct defects resulting from trauma or ageing but the results are highly variable. It is now widely recognized that cells combined with the matrix are essential for these applications in dermatology and reconstructive surgery ; Gain Youthful appearance with the Best stem cell therapy doctors in Delhi Many consider stem cells as the fountain of youth as it can help restore the cells that come into contact with it. Although stem cell technology is still in the developing phase as it has been estimated that stem cells can cure 40 different types of incurable diseases but stem cell therapy has been available for dermatological rejuvenation for quite some time now. Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical procedure. In this procedure stem cells are directly injected into the skin tissues and after that, these stem cells work their magic by restoring the surrounding cells and replacing the damaged cells. This fountain of youth is just one step away. Cosmetica India is the best stem cell therapy clinic in Delhi that has the Best stem cell therapy doctors in Delhi. These are some of the most highly capable Dermatologists and medical experts with a vast amount of experience in this field. These doctors have conducted many stem cell therapeutic services and they not only provide these stem cell therapy services but also teach and train younger dermatologists and other skincare professionals about this subject. So rest assured because you are in good hands after all Cosmetica India is the best stem cell therapy clinic in Delhi with highly capable Dermatologists. Give stem cell therapy a try/ it’s highly effective and if you are under the impression that this is an expansive affair then you’ll be amazed to know that it’s not. It is a Non-surgical therapy, it is affordable and shows quick results.

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